Saturday, June 24, 2017

Day Six - The One Who Couldn't Handle the Heat

"Rise and shine ladies!" Giovani called as he got up out of the bed in the ladies room. 

The ladies headed downstairs to the garage that was set up for the upcoming challenge. 

"Coming from Monte Vista, food is near and dear to my house!  My mamma always said that the way to a man's heart was through his stomach.  I'd like to see whether you can earn my love!" he added with a wink.
Staci groaned.  "Oh plumbbob.  I'm so hungry!" she complained.  "I don't know if I can wait until breakfast is cooked!"
The rest of the ladies got started immediately.

(AN: My daughter and I color-coordinated the little kitchenettes.  We were going to award bonus points to any of the ladies using the right kitchenette.  Nobody earned extra points!)
Jasmin glared at the ovens for a moment before angrily storming from the challenge center. 
Staci rooted around the fridge and found a few ingredients to get started.  Who didn't like tofu dogs?
Dominique was flustered when she turned to start her meal and found Ariel in her space.  "Um, I was working here, Ariel," she said with irritation.

Ariel shrugged.  "Sorry. Find another counter."

"No. I started here. You find another counter!" Dominique said more forcefully.
Ariel sighed and headed from the challenge center. 

Giovani watched her go.  "Where are you going Ariel?" he called back to her.  "Does it still count if she leaves?" he asked.
Dominique set the ingredients for mac & cheese down and frowned.  She was too flustered to continue.
Ariel grumbled as she hurried up the steps to the main kitchen.  Stupid Dominique being all prissy and territorial.
She rounded the corner.
Then popped the hot dogs into the microwave.

Dominique headed back upstairs, frustrated with her failure to finish cooking her mac & cheese.  It was all Ariel's fault!

Emma hummed as she chopped lettuce and veggies.  Salad was one of the easiest recipes to make.

"What's the matter, Dominique?" Ariel asked as she headed back downstairs with the hotdogs. 

Dominique grunted non-committally. 

"Oooookay then," Ariel said before heading back downstairs.
Emma proudly plated her salad.  "Done!"

Giovani checked out the meals, taking a small bite of each.  "I'm going to have to say Emma wins this one."  Each meal was a 0-level cooking skill, but Emma actually finished in the kitchenette provided. 

"Oh! I'm so excited!" Emma said happily as she slipped into the seat beside Giovani and buckled her seat belt. 

"You ready to go?" Gio asked with a grin.
"You bet!" Emma said, returning his grin.  "So where are we doing?"

"Little Corsican Bistro! This is perfect!" Emma said pleasantly as they headed out to enjoy their meal together.

"You know, my Mom used to work here before she moved to Monte Vista," he told her. 
"That must've been so neat having a famous mom," Emma said.
Giovani sputtered with surprise.  "It was certainly interesting!" he told her.  "Mamma was... well... she was a hopeless romantic.  But, she was amazing in the kitchen!  She always told me her mamma taught her."
"Did she teach you to cook, as well?" Emma asked curiously.

Giovani chuckled.  "Mamma had such trouble getting me into the kitchen with her.  I was more interested in playing outside or doing... anything else.  She always says that it makes her sad to see the family recipes die with her."

"That's so sad!" Emma told him.

Giovani shrugged with embarrasment.  "Mamma made out just fine.  She has a family recipe book coming out next spring," he told her.  "So, even though I'll never cook the recipes, nonna's recipes will live on!"

Giovani shifted uncomfortably with a heady sense of guilt.  Nonna's recipes had been one thing he & mamma had fought about over the years.  He'd always thought mamma had been over-emotional and dramatic about it.

But, maybe he should've made more of an effort to learn nonna's recipes....
"Are you ready to go?" he asked, distractedly.

"Oh, umm... yes," Emma said, surprised by Giovani's withdrawal.  
She got into the car with him, more subdued than before they left.  "Um, I'm sorry if I said something wrong," she worried anxiously.

Giovani glanced across the console at her and smiled wanly.  "No, it's all good," he said, leaning over and squeezing her knee.  "I'm just thinking, that's all."

Emma worried her lip.  "I didn't mean to make you sad," she told him.

Giovani shrugged.  "You didn't.  But, you gave me plenty to think about." He smiled at her again. "Mamma is sure to thank you!"

Emma smiled shyly.

Staci was watching through the window when Emma and Giovani came home.  It was so nerve-wracking dating a man that was dating 5 other ladies!
"How'd it go?" Jasmin asked when Emma seemed to float down the hall.

"So wonderful!" Emma said with a wistful smile on her face.

Jasmin frowned.
Giovani wasn't sure why, but he hesitated before heading inside.

(AN:  Ha! I was wondering why Giovani didn't go inside.  Apparently Ariel decided they needed to talk before he went inside! LOL)
"So, how was your date?" Ariel asked.  "What'd you do?"
"We headed to the Little Corsican Bistro," Giovani told her. 

"Oh! I've heard that place is really good!" she said.  "Maybe we can go some time in the future," she added with a sly grin.

"You never know what's going to happen!" Gio flirted.

Staci watched Giovani and Ariel talk.  No way was Ariel going to get all the action1
She headed downstairs and joined the conversation.  "Shaka BRA!" she said, greeting Giovani.
Ariel frowned.  "You're interrupting our conversation," she whispered to Staci.  "This is an A-B conversation. C your way out!"

Staci raised her eyebrows.  "What? You think you can just hog him?!"
"I'm right here!" Giovani grunted with irritation.  He used to think he would enjoy ladies fighting over him, but this was getting pretty old.  He was starting to feel like a piece of meat!
"Sorry!" Staci said, stepping back.

Giovani scrubbed his hand over his face.  "I'm sorry, I'm just..." he hesitated, trying to control his temper.  "I just need some time," he said, turning on his heel and heading inside.
"Way to go!" Ariel whispered harshly.

Jason stepped out of the shower, feeling a little refreshed.  It was like every time he turned around, there was a female desperate for his atten....
He quickly reached for his clothes again, covering his body as fast as possible.  "GET! OUT!" he shouted, his temper ratcheting up again.
Ariel turned on her heel and hurried out of the bathroom.
She fanned herself after that long, lovely look she'd had at Giovani buck naked.  Totally worth it.
Staci knocked.  "Giovani?" she asked, peeking her head inside.  Since she'd just seen Ariel come out, she figured it was safe.
"Look, I just wanted to apologize if..."
"LEAVE. ME. ALONE!" Giovani snapped, shooing Staci from the room. 
He felt a pinch of guilt as she scurried from the room.  Giovani scrubbed the back of his neck and grimaced.  He couldn't even get a minute alone in the bathroom...
Jasmin headed downstairs to the challenge center with all the kitchenettes.  She didn't say anything to the producers, but she didn't cook because she was so scared of it. 
Gas ovens.  They were scary!

She worriedly waved her hand over the burners, making sure they weren't hot. 
She sighed with relief when it was clear the oven was turned off.  She glanced around the room warily.  Only 5 more ovens to check...

(AN: Must be Neurotic!!)

More than ready for bed, Giovani headed to a bed upstairs and slipped under the covers.  Hopefully tomorrow would be better!

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