Saturday, June 24, 2017

Day Seven - Third Rose

Giovani woke up in a much better mood the next morning.
His mamma would be proud!  He actually cooked something and didn't burn it. 

"These waffles are delicious!" Emma told Giovani.  "Is it your mom's recipe?"
Giovani grinned.  "No.  Dry mix.  But, thanks to you, I decided I would take a few lessons from my mamma to make her happy."

"Aww!" Emma grinned.  "I bet she'll be so happy!"
Dominique watched the play by play between Emma nervously.  It seemed that Emma and Giovani had really gotten closer during their date the prior day.

Giovani started the morning by singling out Dominique.  "Have I mentioned how nice you look in the morning?" he asked flirtatiously.
Dominique felt her heart pitter patter with the compliment.  "I..."

Jasmin peeked her head into the door and grimaced when she saw the restroom was occupied.  "Sorry, I really need to go!" she said anxiously, shooing them from the room.

(AN: Dangit Jasmin! You ruined Dominique's one-on-one date! Guess date's in the bathroom aren't the best bet...)
"EMMA!" Gio called from the balcony.
Emma stepped outside.  "Hi."

"Hi yourself," he told her with a smile. 
"I had a really great time yesterday," he told her.

Emma's heart fluttered to cover her heart.  "I did, too!" she said breathlessly. 
Giovani tugged Emma into his arms and gave her a hearty hug. 

Emma closed her eyes and tried to savor the moment.  His arms released her all too soon.  She stood, slightly dazed from the contact.

"Catch ya soon," he said with a flirty wink.

"Hey, I was hoping to catch you," Giovani said when he found Staci washing her face.

She startled, a few smears of green face mask still on her face.  "OMIGOD Giovani! What are you doing in here?" she gasped.  She hurriedly scrubbed at the green goo.  "This is so embarrassing," she freaked.
Giovani chuckled, taking the washcloth from her hand and helping her scrub the remaining splotches off.  "It's no big deal," he told her.  "I've seen worse."

Staci rolled her eyes.  "Still, you haven't seen it on my face."

Gio's hand lingered on her cheek.  "Well, I can promise you that there's nothing wrong with this face," he told her softly.
Ariel gagged.  "Oh, plumbbob," she muttered under her breath when she heard Giovani's corny moves.
Staci took it to heart.  She gazed at him, elated by his compliments.
Jasmin stepped into the bathroom again.  "Umm... I need to take a shower!" she announced.

"Oh, yeah, sorry Jasmin," Gio apologized, leading Staci from the room.
Staci glared at Jasmin as they left the room.  She had her suspicions regarding whether Jasmin really needed to take a shower right at this minute!

(AN:  Dangit Jasmin! That's the 2nd date you interrupted!)

(AN: Impromptu remodeling to kill the extreme open floor plan of the main floor.  Otherwise getting those flirts in are going to kill me!  As you can see, the ladies approve1)

"So, you have any lame lines for me?" Ariel teased when Giovani tracked her down.
He chuckled.  "They're not lame lines!"  he told her as he reached up to play with the tips of her hair.  "Is it lame if I tell you that your hair is beautiful? Or that I love your freckles?"
Ariel giggled, turning her cheek and glancing away from him.  "Yes, totally lame!"  she said.  "But, feel free to tell me more!"  

Giovani found Jasmin.  "You look really good this afternoon," he told her. 
Jasmin blinked.  "As opposed to every other afternoon?" she asked dead-pan.

Giovani attempted a few more innocent flirtations, but wound up just creeping Jasmin out.

"Five ladies remain," Giovani says hesitantly.  "Could Ariel and Dominique step forward?"
"Ariel, you stand before me because you tend to come across as aggressive.  I know it's really hard dating under these circumstances, but it really bugged me when you judged my private conversations."

Ariel flushed.  "I'm sorry," she said, glancing down at her feet.
"And Dominique, you were saved last time because you were going to make an extra effort to get to know me.  But, I feel like we're just not connecting."

He sighed.  "So who goes home?"

"Jasmin."  The ladies gasped in surprise at the elimination of someone not in the bottom two. 

Jasmin stumbled forward, tears in her eyes.

Giovani cleared his throat.  "Jasmin, you rebuffed everything I said today.  It's like you weren't interested in me romantically in me at all." 

Giovani handed Jasmin the rose bouquet and kissed her cheek, feeling guilty when she choked back a sob. 

"I'm so sorry," she said, desperately blinking her eyes and wiping the tears away.  Giovani felt his gut clench.  This was his least favorite part of the whole reality dating experience.

Jasmin clasped and unclasped her hands nervously.  "I didn't mean to act like I wasn't interested," she whimpered.  "I just..."
"I'm just a little shy..."
She breathed heavily, slightly freaking out.
"Give me a second," she begged, bending over and trying not to hyperventilate.

(AN:  I got the Neurotic trait right, but that Unflirty trait certainly took me by surprise.  Dang it! No wonder she didn't accept any of his flirts! Dangit!)

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