Sunday, June 25, 2017

Day Nine - Fourth Rose

Giovani found Staci alone in the bathroom and decided to begin his one-on-one date with her.  "Morning Beautiful," he told her with a smile.
Staci's eyes fluttered.  "Morning yourself," she told him.  She could really let herself love the man!  He was so charming and sexy! 
"I have a surprise for you!" he told her, a little bit anxious.
When he presented her with a bouquet of purple pansies, she nearly swooned.  

"Giovani! You shouldn't have!" she breathed, accepting the flowers. 
Staci threw herself into his arms and squeezed him tight.  He was so alluring!
When Giovani started to rub her back, she was a goner.

Until they were interrupted...

Dominique stormed out of the bathroom.  "...And he was in there, rubbing her back!" she complained bitterly.  It was hard to see someone she liked so much being romantic with another woman.
The news affected Ariel, as well.
When the bathroom door open, Ariel glanced over and saw Staci leave.  "Look, there she goes," she whispered cattily.  "But two can play at that game!"

The bathroom shut as Giovani was about to step out.  He was surprised to see Ariel.
"Morning," she greeted him huskily.  "I was looking for you!"

Giovani smiled.  You know, he could probably get used to all of this attention, after all!
He surprised Ariel with a bouquet of daisies. 
She buried her nose in the flowers and sniffed their sweet fragrance.  "You shouldn't have!" she said, her eyes lit up with pleasure.
Giovani was pleased that Ariel enjoyed the flowers so much.  "I'm glad you like them," he told her, gazing into her eyes.
"Well, I love them!"  she told him.  "But mostly because they're from you!" She returned his passionate look, gazing deeply into his eyes.

(AN: I'm wondering if Ariel is a Hopeless Romantic, too, because they both gazed into the other's eyes.  So funny!)

Giovani found Dominique by the bar, talking to Emma.  When he approached, she got very quiet. 
"I brought you these red roses," he told her.
Dominique's eyes flashed with pleasure momentarily before they shuttered.  "Thanks, but no thanks," she told him, leaving the roses on the bar and walking away.  "Maybe you can give them to Emma instead," she called over her shoulder.

Emma watched their interaction nervously.  "Umm...."
"Don't worry, I got you flowers of your own!" Giovani pulled out a bouquet of yellow lillies.

"Oh, they're so beautiful!" Emma gasped, reaching for the bouquet. 
Just then, Ariel walked into the room.
She stared between Emma and Giovani, a frown on her face.  She knew that Giovani had to give all the other girls a fair chance, but this was ridiculous.
Watching him flirt with someone else sucked.
Emma reached for Giovani's hands and squeezed.  "The past few days have meant the world to me," she admitted.  "Normally I'm a little shy and it can be hard to get to know someone for me.  But, I really like you," she admitted with a blush.
Giovani gazed into her eyes.  "I really like you, too," he told her softly.  "No matter what happens, just remember that, okay?"

She smiled wanly.

With fewer and fewer ladies, the rose ceremony came much sooner than other nights.
"Dominique, I'm sorry to see that you're in the bottom 2 for the 3rd time in the room," Giovani said.  "All along, we've had problems seeming to make a connection."
"Ariel, you have a little bit of a jealousy problem.  But, I was really happy to see you handled it pretty well today."

He gazed at the two ladies. 

With a reluctant frown, he handed the rose bouquet to Dominique and kissed her cheek.  "It became pretty clear that you don't want to be here anymore.  When you rejected my flowers, you were kind of rejecting me.  I wish you the best of luck in the future."

Dominique wiped a tear from the corner of her eye and sighed.  "The whole thing was just really hard.  I wasn't used to doing anything like this before.  And seeing Giovani flirting with Staci was just too hard to overcome.  I... well... I wish I'd met him under different circumstances.  I think we really could've been good together."

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