Saturday, June 24, 2017

Day Four - The One Who Talked in Her Sleep

DeDe was the first one up the following morning. 
Bored out of her mind, she headed outside and sorted through the trash can.  You never knew what kind of information you could find out about people by what they threw away.
Hearing a sound, she shot up and nervously glancing around.  Not seeing anyone, she dunked her head back into the trash can.

Ah ha! A gum wrapper!

Jasmin was the next lady up.  She headed to the mirror and fluffed her hair.  Pursing her lips, she blew kisses at herself.

"Come on, girl, time to wake up!" Giovani said as he hopped out of bed.
Staci gasped in surprise.  "OMIGOD! What are you doing in here?" she squealed.  Her hands went up to her hair as she patted it down and rubbed her eyes.   Oh plumbbob, she hoped she didn't snore!
Giovani grinned.  "Sorry, just decided to crash up here!" he told her.  "Come on, let's get going!"

"Did you hear that Giovani slept in Staci's room last night?" Ariel complained to Dominique.  "Lucky biatch."

Dominique gasped.  "I hope she snored in her sleep!"

"If only!" Ariel agreed.

In short order, the ladies joined Giovani in the Love-Mobile. 
"So where are we headed to today?" Ariel asked, leaning forward in her seat to hover over his shoulder. 

Dominique turned in the front seat and glared at her competition. 

Giovani chuckled.  "Everybody buckle up!" he announced before starting the van.

Giovani led the ladies to the front of the theater.  "So, it's really important to me that the girl I fall in love with knows how to have a good time!" he announced, following the script.  "So, I'm challenging you to a impromptu dance-a-thon!"
DeDe hooted and licked her hand.  "Oh! I got this!" she bragged.
Dominique held her nose and shifted further away from DeDe.  "Ew, it's called personal hygiene," she muttered under her breath.

Jasmin nodded.  "Seriously," she agreed.
"Wait!" Emma said nervously.  "What if you don't know how to dance!"  She wasn't much of a dancer and was scared to death of making a fool of herself.
"Nothing to it, girl.  You just shake your hips and have a good time!" he assured her.  "Come on ladies, let's DANCE!"
The music started blaring and all the ladies began swaying to the music, some more coordinated than others.
"This is so much fun!" Staci called over her shoulder to Giovani.
"Watch this!" Dede called out before popping her hip and grinding her hips sexily.
Giovani watched DeDe dance, impressed with her moves.  "Wow, work it girl!" he cheered playfully. 

DeDe grinned over her shoulder and shimmied and shook, slapping her butt as she twirled.

Staci was the first to stop.
"Shouldn't we have grabbed breakfast before doing this?" she complained.
Settling on the hot cement, she proceeded to engage in a hunger strike.

Next, Dominique petered out. 
"Hey! Where are you going?" Giovani called when he noticed Dominique heading away.
Dominique waved back at him.  "Be right back!"

Ariel rolled her eyes at some of DeDe's over-blown dance moves.  "Plumbbob, where'd you learn to dance? On a stripper pole?" she complained under her breath.
DeDe stopped.
"WHO TOLD YOU?!" she screamed angrily.

Ariel and Emma stopped, their jaws fell open in surprise.  "OMIGOD. Really?" Ariel asked.

DeDe tossed her hair over her shoulder.  "It put me through college."

Emma cocked her head.  "I didn't know you went to college!" she said, eager to discuss schools. "Where'd you go?"

DeDe rolled her eyes.  "Appaloosa Plains Community College."

"LADIES! Jasmin is the last lady dancing! She wins the challenge!"  The losing girls groaned. 
"Oh! I'm so excited!" Jasmin squealed, jumping up and down in her spot.  "I won!!!"

Giovani danced with her, twirling her around, dipping her with a flourish. 

Jasmin just about swooned.
"Come on, let's go for a tour of the theater," he said, holding his arm out to Jasmin and escorting her inside.

"So, do you think we need to hang around here or can we head home and have breakfast?" Staci asked Emma.
Emma glanced around and noticed it was just the two of them.  "Umm.. I dunno.  They didn't really tell us what we were supposed to do."  She worried her bottom lip.  "I don't want to get in trouble."

Staci rolled her eyes.  "We're not gonna get in trouble.  I think the challenge is over.  Come on, let's live a little!"
Dominique hailed a taxi and headed home.
Ariel on the other hand, wandered around the little downtown shops.  She'd grown up in Bridgeport, so it was so weird seeing a small town. 
A handsome man walked by and caught her eye.
"Hi, I'm Ariel," she followed after him and introduced herself.

(AN: My Hiding Out in Sunset Valley is incredibly slow-moving, so I used the original Sunset Valley for this challenge.  Kinda nice to see the original Sunset Valleyians!)

Jasmin headed out of the theater, looking for Giovani.  "Where'd he go?" she mumbled under her breath.  She glanced around and spotted him dancing with a bleached blonde.  "Giovani!" she called out impatiently.

Gio grimaced and turned to look at his challenge date guiltily.  "Sorry, I ran into Zelda back stage and she offered to show me around..."  He paused and smiled apologetically to Zelda.  "It was very nice meeting you.  Maybe I'll see you around."

(AN:  Ugh. Giovani! You have 6 lovely ladies vying for your attention! No fawning over original Sunset Valleyians.  You're 6 generations too late!)

Apparently Staci wasn't able to convince Emma into heading home before an unfortunate bladder accident.  "Is it time to go home yet?" Emma asked nervously.

Giovani headed home with Jasmin, waving to Ariel as he passed by her jogging home in the Love-Mobile.

"This salad looks great. Thanks for cooking Staci!" Giovani said excitedly.
"I can't believe you totally didn't stop to pick me up," Ariel said with frustration as she sat down next to him.  "Now I'm all sweaty!"

Giovani started loading up all the dirty plates from the table, heading into the kitchen.
Staci stopped him.  "Can we talk?" she asked hesitantly. 

Giovani nodded, setting the plates back on the table in a stack.  "Sure, what's up?"
Staci smiled at him wistfully.  "I.. umm... just wanted to see why you decided to sleep in the same room as me last night," she said.  "The other girls were kind of giving me a hard time to day about it..."
Giovani shrugged. "I dunno. I guess I was really tired last night and just headed upstairs."

Staci looked down at her toes and asked the next questions, even though it embarrassed the hell out of her.  "Did I snore or drool or anything?"

"No, but you talked in your sleep!" he told her.

"Shut up! I did not!" Staci yelped, horrified.
Giovani was nodding.  "You sure did!" He mimicked her voice.  "Oh, Gio! You're so sexy! I want to kiiiiiss you!  I want to tooooooouch you!" he teased, his eyes twinkling with humor.
Staci laughed with him, reaching out and knocking him on the shoulder.  "Shut up!" she chuckled.  "I did not!"

Giovani grabbed his sides as he laughed.  It was so easy to be himself with Staci.  "Nah, you were good," he told her.  "No snoring, drooling, or talking in your sleep."  He winked flirtatiously.  "It was enjoyable sleeping with you."

Staci felt her face blossom with heat.  Plumbbob, Giovani was so hot, he should come with a warning label!

Giovani chuckled when Staci excused herself quickly.  He knew he flustered her and he had to admit, he liked that.

After finishing up the dishes, Giovani headed to bed with a smile on his face.  Tomorrow should be fun!

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