Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day Three - The First Rose

Jasmin was one of the first ladies awake in the morning. 
What this place really needs is some music! she thought, grabbing the stereo remote and turning it on.  She didn't even spare a glance for poor DeDe, who had fallen asleep on the couch.
Grumbling, DeDe headed upstairs to catch a few z's.
Jasmin, of course, headed straight for the bar.

"Morning, Jasmin," Giovani said in a sleep-roughened voice.  "How'd you sleep?"
Jasmin shrugged. "Eh, okay, I guess."
"I'm kind of looking forward to today. It'll be nice getting to know more about everyone," he told her, making small-talk over breakfast. 
"You've got your work cut out for you!" Jasmin teased.  Seven ladies in about seven hours!
"Yeah, guess I should get started!"

The First Elimination Day rules called for him to have a friendly chat with each bachelorette until they were having a "socialable" conversation.  He was eager to find out what interested his ladies.
Giovani decided to start with Ariel, inadvertently waylaying her before she stepped into the restroom.
And unfortunately she was hungry.

"Look, now's not the best time," she told him.

But, Gio hunkered down and decided to see the conversation through, hoping for the best. 
"Seriously, now's not a good time," she said, more urgently this time.

Gio frowned.  "But, if you..."
Damn.  Not good.
"Did you just... UGH!" he hollered loudly. 
"I TOLD you now wasn't a good TIME!" Ariel said, embarrassed beyond belief.
Cringing, she rushed into the bathroom as Gio stormed away.

Giovani headed straight to Staci, who'd been watching the whole thing.  "Did you see that?" he asked with surprise.
"That must've been totally embarrassing!" Staci winced.  She glanced over her shoulder towards the restroom door.
Giovani nodded in agreement.  "Yeah, I guess I should've let her take care of her morning business first," he admitted reluctantly.  "I just didn't realize..."  he trailed off.  It was pretty clear he hadn't known Ariel was in such dire straits!
"Well, nice talking to you," Gio finished lamely.  "I should probably go talk to a few other ladies, too!"

He turned towards the bar area and found Jasmin.

"Is she drinking again?" Staci muttered under her breath.
Jasmin must have overheard her.  Frustrated, she stamped her high heel on the floor and threw a minor hissy fit.  "I. Am. Not. an alcoholic!" she fumed.   (Geez! Not sure what trait makes Jasmin throw hissy fits - but she certainly throws them!)
"Hey, nobody said you were!" Giovani said calmly, trying to smooth the waters.  He personally thought that Jasmin might be a party girl that knew how to have a good time!  "It's cool to kick back a few drinks every now and then!"
Leaning closer, he added in a whisper, "Besides, did you hear about Ariel this morning?" 

Ariel felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment.  "Do you think everyone knows about my accident this morning?"

Dominique bit her lip.  "Uh..." she hedged, not really knowing what to say.  "I think DeDe is still sleeping..."

Ariel dropped her head into her hands.  "Oh Plumbbob.  I am totally going home!" she complained to Dominique.  She'd missed the challenge yesterday and then peed on the bachelor today.  "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!"

Giovani headed to Emma after having a pretty good conversation with Jasmin.  "Hey Emma," he said, lifting his hand in greeting.
"Oh! Hi!" she said nervously, pushing her glasses up. 
Unfortunately, the conversation lulled.
And Ariel took the opportunity to approach Giovani.
"Why couldn't you just let me go to the bathroom this morning?" she demanded angrily, near tears.  "Now I'm going to go home because we didn't get to have a real, meaningful conversation!"
"And you think yelling at me is going to help?!" he snapped with frustration.  Seriously! Ariel was beautiful, but she must be some kind of Hot-Headed!
Staci turned towards the window and stared out, ignoring the yelling behind her.  She hated it when people argued.  (Hmm... staring out the window... maybe she Loves the Outdoors and longs to be running around outside?)
While Emma tried to calm Ariel down, Giovani turned to Dominique for their conversation.
"You totally interrupted my time with Giovani!" Emma complained.  "Not fair! We had just starting having a socialable conversation when you cut in."

"Well excuuuuuuuuse me!" Ariel said, rolling her eyes. "At least you got to talk to him," she added sullenly.  She glanced over towards Gio and Dominique to gauge how their conversation was going.
Apparently not well.
"Oh, nevermind," Dominqiue said, muttering under her breath.
Ariel slid in, interrupting Dominique and monopolizing the conversation
"Did I mention that I was really, really, really sorry about this morning.  That was so ridiculously embarrassing!"
Giovani thumped her on the shoulder in a friendly manner.  "Don't mention it.  It's happened to all of us at one time or another..."

Jasmin worried that her conversation with Giovani hadn't gone well.

Didi was busy making drinks.  She'd slipped into her little bikini and she knew she looked gooood.
She was slightly annoyed that Giovani had put off talking to her until almost the end of the day.  She flipped her hair over her shoulder.  "It's about time you came to see me!" she sniffed indignantly.
"Saving the best for last," he said good-naturedly.  "Or... well... almost the best for last."

"HMPH!" she replied, stalking off and leaving him on his own.

"For the last time Dominique! I didn't interrupt your conversation with Giovani! Geez! Get over it!" Ariel shouted across the room.
"Yes. You. Did!" Dominique seethed, stomping her foot angrily.

"Guys! Let's not fight!" Jasmin said nervously.

Giovani sat down near Gwen to have a little chat. 
Unfortunately, it was very short lived.  Conversations on couches just weren't the same as a one-on-one talk.

After the chats were done, the girls rushed upstairs to prepare for the rose ceremony.  Nervously, they held their breaths, waiting to see what would happen.
Gio cleared his throat and asked Ariel and Gwen to step forward.

"You ladies both stand in front of me tonight because I felt like it was hard to communicate..."
He turned to Gwen.  "Gwen, I felt like even though we shared a date, we just weren't connecting.  It was kind of hard to talk to you."
"And Ariel," he said, turning towards the red-headed beauty, "Even though we had a lot of nice chats, I felt like you kept getting upset with me.  I don't want a relationship that's always a fight."

He paused and glanced back and forth between the two lovely ladies.  "So? Who goes home?"

Gio passed the red bouquet of roses to Gwen and kissed her cheek goodbye.  "I'm sorry Gwen," he said sadly.  "Ariel might get a little hot-tempered with me sometimes, but at least she makes the extra effort to get my attention."

Gwen sniffled a bit as she packed her bags and headed to the Confessional Room.  She looked at the camera and sighed.  "I guess I failed to catch Gio's attention," she admitted sadly.  "Maybe he's right, maybe I should've tried a bit harder.  Guess being a Couch Potato hurt me in the long run!"


While everyone else was busy congratulating Ariel, Staci sat down to brood.  Poor Gwen!  She'd imagined it would be easier to watch her competition leave, but it was actually pretty brutal.  It really underscored that they were fighting for Love!

(Ah HA! This clinches it! Staci must be Brooding!)

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