Friday, March 10, 2017

Late Night Confessions #2

Gwen sighed when Staci slipped into the bed before she could.  Looks like it would be a long night, she thought as she headed back down the stairs to the living room.

"Couldn't find a bed either?" DeDe asked from behind her. 

Gwen swiveled around and saw DeDe decked out in a cute pantsuit.  "Uh... no..."

"Me neither," DeDe said distractedly.  "Looks like it's just us.."

"Oh no, not again," DeDe muttered as she walked to the kitchen. 

"You've been a very bad girl," she whispered under her breath as she raised her hand in the air.

DeDe shook her head.  "No, really. I've been a good girl!"
"LIAR" she whispered as her hand shot towards her neck and started squeezing.

DeDe struggled, gripping her bad hand with her good one and trying to pull it off.  "I'll be good! I promise!" she pleaded.

"Is everything okay in there?" Gwen called from the living room.
DeDe coughed. "YES! I'm okay!" she called out.  "Bad hand! Bad hand!"  She shook her hand off.
"Promise you'll be good!" she whispered.

DeDe nodded one last time. "I promise!"

DeDe fluffed her hair as she sat on the confessional couch.  "Some of my ex's have accused me of stalking them, and being a little, you know, crazy, but I swear I'm not!  I'm just looking for someone to love... forever..."

A knock sounded on the door and Gwen poked her head in.  
"Are you almost done, DeDe? I wanted to talk about my one-on-one date with Giovani today."
"No! I'm still talking!" DeDe said, stomping her foot.

"I'll just be a moment," Gwen said.  "Then you can have the room back."

DeDe fluffed her hair over her shoulder.  "Fine! I still want to talk about my childhood!  5 minutes!"  She stomped out of the room, leaving Gwen on her own.
With a sigh, Gwen sat down and stared at the camera before looking down shyly.  "I guess, I had a really nice date with Giovani.  Sometimes I worry that I'm not outgoing enough for him, though.  Hopefully he gives me time to open up..."

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