Saturday, February 25, 2017

Late Night Confessions #1

After Giovani headed to bed, the girls headed upstairs to bed, as well.
First come, first serve.
Not everyone would wind up with a bed.

Earlier - "Haven't you had enough?" DeDe had asked as Jasmin made another drink. 

Jasmin had shot her a dirty look.  "I'm fine!" she'd said defensively.
Jasmin sat on the velvet couch in the confessional room.  "People say that I have a problem because I like to let loose and liven things up.  Just because I have a few drinks doesn't mean I'm an alcoholic!" she complained.

Feeling better after getting that off her chest, Jasmin headed back downstairs.
And straight to the bar for another drink.
"DO YOU MIND?  I'M TRYING TO SLEEP, YOU LUSH!" DeDe yelled from across the room when the blender began whirring.
Jasmin cringed at the violent outburst.  "Sorry," she muttered under her breath, sipping her drink.

It was going to be a long night....


AN:  Ha! I only had 5 beds, so 2 of the girls didn't have a bed!  DeDe and Jasmin were the ones that got to stay up! 

DeDe is almost certainly Inappropriate or Insane! She went off on Jasmin! Lol. 

And Jasmin spent a large portion of the evening drinking at the bar! I am wondering if she is a Party Animal!

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