Friday, February 24, 2017

Day One - The Hopelessly Romantic Bachelor

The ladies were already in the house, racing through the rooms, oohing and aahing at their accommodations over the next two weeks.

Dominique Bell reached the top of the stairs and entered the loft living quarters.  "Oh! It's so retro!" she called down to the other girls hurrying after her.
Gwen Arellano ran into the first room on the main floor, testing the bounce on the bed.  "This must be the bachelor's room!" she called over her shoulder.

Dominique hung back at the doorway.  "I don't think you're supposed to be in there," she whispered.

Gwen chuckled.  "What are they going to do? Through me out?" she scoffed.
"Yes! Look at these cute beds!" Jasmin Short hooted.  She counted the beds.  "Wait... three beds in here and two in other room."  She put her hands on her hips.  "We're two beds short!"
Dominique headed into the dining room, joining Deidre Stockton.  "Look at this banquet table!" Deidre sighed.  "I mean, plaid, really?! That's so tacky!"
"Ooooo... the confession room," Ariel Smalley said in a hushed, reverent tone.  "This is the room where we do our exit interviews."

Gwen wiped a tear from her eye.  "Oh plumbbob, I'm so worried about the first elimination!"

Jason looked at the camera-man in the front seat.  "I was ready for a new start, here in Sunset Valley.  I'm hoping to find my happily-ever-after."  He smiled, hopefully charmingly.  "But, I guess I'm a little bit of a Hopelessly Romantic," he admitted with a self-chagrined chuckle. 
Jason glanced through the windshield as they pulled up to the large urban home.   "Here goes nothing," he muttered under his breath with a controlled breath.

How did he let his mamma talk him into these things?!
 Jason headed up the steps, already feeling butterflies in his stomach.  No turning back now!
Truth be told, he was a little intimidated to be meeting seven women and trying to fall in love with one of them all in the span of two weeks.  It all felt a little... Strange. Overwhelming. Crazy!  Take your pick!
"He's here!!!" he heard someone squeal loudly from the stairs.
He glanced up and saw two ladies rushing towards him. 
Staci Terry reached his side first.
Red-head Ariel continued slowly past, checking out the bachelor as she walked by.

"I'm Staci Terry, with an i," the bubbly lady introduced herself.  "Welcome home!"

Giovani smiled, genuinely pleased to finally meet someone.  If everyone was as nice as Staci, then maybe this wouldn't be so bad, after all.
He'd just finished introducing himself when the red-head came back and made a silly face.

Giovani chuckled as he made a face back. 
"Ha! That's funny!" Staci laughed, making the same silly face.
Ariel glared.  "That's what I did!" she snapped with a frown, then flashed a coy smiled towards Giovani.  "I mean, uh, funny!"
"Let's get this party started!" vivacious Jasmin Short called out as she passed by the small group on her way to the bar.  She shot a disapproving glance at the blonde working out in a skimpy swimsuit.  "Showoff," she muttered under her breath.
 "So, I've been told I need to get to know everyone today," Giovani told Staci.  "Tell me something about yourself."
"Well, I love to have fun!" Staci told him.  She made a silly face again.  "I figure if you're not having fun, you're not doing it right, right?"

"Yeah, but what about this place, huh? It's so awesome! I've never seen a house so big!" Giovani enthused about the house.
"Uh, it's not about the house," Staci said, suddenly very serious.  "It's about falling in love, right?"
Giovani frowned, disappointed that he'd seemed to say something wrong.  "Of course," he assured her.  "It's just... uh... maybe I should greet the other girls," he said hesitantly.  He'd thought there might've been the spark of a connection there, but maybe he was wrong!
"Hi, I'm Giovani, nice to meet you," Giovani said to the bombshell blonde.  "So can you tell me something about yourself Deidre?"
Deidre laughed. "Oh, you can call me DeDe. All my friends do!"

"Oh hey, that's nice..." Giovani answered, when she interrupted.
"Seriously. I hate it when people call me Deidre.  I hate that name.  Don't call me that.  Got it?"
"Uh yeah, no problem, Dede," Giovani said hesitantly.  "Uh, so how about this house, huh?"
Dede frowned, making a face.  "I've totally seen bigger houses than this.  This is like the size of my closet!"

Giovani rubbed the back of his neck. "Uh, wow. Cool..."   Pointing to the far side of the room, he said, "Well, I should mingle..."
Giovani headed across the room, nodding to the single ladies he passed watching TV.  "Hi," he greeted the lovely lady at the bar.  "I'm Giovani.  Can you tell something about yourself?"
"Hello! I am Jasmin Short!" she said with a slight accent.  
"Your accent is beautiful.  Where are you from?" Giovani asked, attempting to get to know the beautiful woman a little more.

"I am from Isla Paradiso, a small island chain in the tropics."
"That would explain the flowery belt," he said, his eyes dipping to her waist.
 "Yes.  We have to walk 3 miles to the center of town for all shopping.  We walk often!" 

Giovani watched her motion with her hands, finally making a walking motion with her fingers. 

He nodded, at a loss of how to respond.
He greeted Emma Stinson next.  "Hi, I'm Giovani.  Can you tell me something about yourself?" he asked.

Emma nervously rubbed her neck, her hands fluttering nervously.  "Oh, gosh, oh! I can't think of anything!" she admitted anxiously.  "Oh plumbbob, I don't do well under pressure!"
"Hey! It's okay!" Giovani said, attempting to set her at ease.  "We're all just getting to know each other, right?"

Emma nodded, releasing her pent-up breath.
"So, let's see, I spent most of my life in Appaloosa Plains.  But, my dad was in the military, so we moved a lot."

Giovani was impressed. "Wow, I lived my whole life in Monte Vista. I can't imagine moving that much!"

Emma shrugged.    
Dominique strolled by, subtly trying to catch Giovani's eye.

Deidre took the blatant route.
"Giovani - look at me dance!" Dede called from close-by.
"I..." Emma started to talk to Giovani about her childhood when the red-head stepped in front of her.

Ariel chuckled, "Look at my funny face!"

Giovani laughed, slapping his knee.  "That gets me every time!" he admitted with a chuckle.
"So, I don't think I've caught your name," he admitted to the stunning red-head.
"I'm Ariel," she said. 

Giovani's eyes widened.  "Has anyone ever told you that you look like..."
Ariel interrupted him.  "Oh plumbbob! ALL the TIME!  Everyone always says how much I look like the mermaid!" she said tersely.  "Sorry, it gets old," she admitted.
"Uh, so do you wanna tell me something about yourself?" Giovani asked.
"Ummm, I totally hate my freckles," she admitted.

Giovani's gaze shot to her face.  "I think they're kinda cute," he told her.

Ariel fluttered her lashes.  "Aww, thanks!" she said.
"Hey, did you see Dede dancing in her swimsuit?" Giovani asked in a hushed voice.  He shook his head slightly.  
They shared a laugh.

"Well, I should finish meeting the other ladies," he said with regret.  He was really enjoying his time with Ariel.  She had a great personality!
She approached the lovely lady sitting on the couch with legs crossed.  He'd always appreciated a lady with long, shapely legs.
 "Uh, hi, I'm Giovani," he said in greeting. 
"I figured it was you, since you're the only man in the house!" Gwen teased lightly.   "Oh, goodness! Did you see that?" she asked, her eyes glued to the TV.

Giovani's gaze darted to the TV and then back to Gwen.  "Umm... so can you tell me something about yourself?" he asked.

Gwen blinked, glancing back at him. "What?"
Jason made a face as Staci plopped down beside him.  "Uh, has anyone seen Dominique?"

Staci hooked her thumb towards the other side of the livingroom.  "I saw her and glasses-chick head in there."

Jason clasped his hands on his knees and sighed.  "Well, I should probably go meet her," he announced.

No response from Gwen.

Alrighty then, he thought as he stood up.  Not much of a talker, is she?
 Giovani lounged in the doorway as he watched the two ladies pillow fighting. 
Just then, Dominique hit Emma across the face, unsettling her glasses.  Emma dropped the pillow and glared.  "You did that on purpose!" she accused.
 Looks like it's time to step in, he thought, pushing himself off the door frame and ambling into the room.

"Hi, I'm Giovani. Nice to meet you," he greeted Dominique.  "I think you're the last lady love to greet!"
"So nice to meet you," Dominique greeted him with a firm handshake.  "I'm Dominique."
"So, tell me something about yourself," Giovani inquired.

"Well," Dominique hedged, "I grew up in Bridgeport. I absolutely love city life!"

Giovani felt like he could sigh a breath of relief.  He'd met all 7 lovely ladies and had only had a few mis-steps as he got to know them.  He stared at the spread of food on the buffet table.  "Dinner time!" he called out.

Giovani sat down, prepared to eat a hot dog he found in the refrigerator when an awful smell drifted his way.  He glanced up in disgust.
It was Staci, licking the rest of the sauce off of her plate.
"Oh, I'm sorry, were you eating that?" she asked, gesturing to the plate.
"That is disgusting!" Giovani recoiled.  "Did you even know whose that was?"

Staci shrugged.  "I'm not worried about a few cooties," she said defensively.

Giovani shook his head with amazement.  "Sorry, that's just gross," he told her, his inner neat-freak trait rearing it's head. 
"Oh, I'm sorry," Staci apologized awkwardly.  She hung her head in embarrassment and hurried away, embarrassed when she noticed all the other girls watching.
Giovani sighed as he began cleaning up.  He hadn't meant to shame Staci in front of the other ladies.  But, he really couldn't stand a mess.  Perhaps he should write Staci off his list of potentials.  He wasn't sure his true love could be a slob...
He glanced up, surprised to see Jasmin at the bar again.  She was hitting the juice a little hard already, he thought with a frown.

After loading the dishwasher, Giovani was surprised to find himself alone in the kitchen with DeDe.  He wasn't going to lie - it was late, she was beautiful, and she was dressed in a skimpy bikini.  A little bit crazy or not, he was certainly intrigued.
"Did you want to dance to the music?" she asked.
What music? Giovani thought, as he reached out and twirled her.
She spun with a laugh, then nestled back against him as they swayed back and forth.  Giovani was certainly feeling Dede's rhythm!
At least until he stepped on her toe.
"Oh plumbbob, I'm so sorry! Did I hurt your foot?" he asked with worry.  She was barefoot and he was wearing sneakers!
"No, no, I'm okay! Nothing a little windex won't cure!" she waved off dismissively.
Giovani felt a twinge of guilt as she limped away.  He would make it up to her tomorrow, he promised himself.  For now, it was bedtime.  He yawned for effect.
He could hardly wait for the next day.  He strode into the bachelor's room, locked the door and then headed to bed.
He slipped beneath the sheets and set the alarm for 6 am. 

They had a full day ahead of them!


  1. Yay, I love reading more of your stories! It's awesome that you're starting something new again :D

    I like Ariel the best so far! She caught my eye right away with her beautiful hair, and it looks like Giovani likes her too!

    My guess is that Staci will be up for elimination... no neat freak could stand a slob like her XD

    1. Thanks Annie! It's going to be a fun challenge!

      Ariel is in my top 3! I love that red, curly hair!

      Staci is definitely my favorite! You can tell she bucks trends! I was surprised they didn't have an instant "clash" of interests when he accused her of being a slob. (Or maybe they did and I missed it!)

      On to the next day!